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Our Principal's Message 

Welcome to the Fordham Leadership Academy Website. It is one of the honors to

be the principal of this fantastic Community school. My story is similar to countless of

others, of humble but proud beginnings and a living testament to what public education can

accomplish. This is what FLA is all about!

FLA was established in 2015, and since it has become a thriving, vibrant, and caring

community where children are nurtured, their voices carry strength and are built into

leaders. As a school leader, I am a firm believer that through quality education, lives can

be transformed, and communities can gain a voice. FLA's commitment is to provide

the tools needed to empower students to succeed. 

Lastly, I leave you a quote from one of the most transformative leaders of our time: 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

                ---Nelson Mandela


 Fiorella Cabrejas




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