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The Roosevelt Basketball season is in full swing

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Four more games are coming up for the girls varsity basketball team!
Their current record is 3-5 

Boys Varsity Basketball

Their Next Games

  • 1/19 vs Evander Childs (Home)

  • 1/22 vs Taft Educational Campus (Home)

  • 1/31 vs Lehamn Campus (Away)

  • 2/02 vs Albert Tuitt (Away)

  • 2/05 vs Walton Campus (Home) 

Girls Varsity Basketball

Their next games:

  • 1/16 vs Bronx Science (Away)

  • 1/18 vs John F. Kennedy (Away)

  • 1/30 vs Columbus (Away)

  • 2/01 vs Clinton (Home)

Best of luck to our basketball teams!
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